CTR-BlueLync: Icom CI-V

Our CTR-BlueLync Icom interface supports the CI-V hardware interface used on many Icom radios. The interface requires external voltage (5 to 15 VDC) and is equipped with a standard 2.1 x 5.5 MM coaxial power jack that fits many "wall-wart" type power supplies. You can also power the unit from the radio's power supply.

The schematic and board layout for this unit are shown below. The interface can be built on a standard perf-board.

Far Circuits carries the circuit board kit (under "Keyers") and the BlueSMiRF modules can be found at www.SparkFun.com. Contact these vendors directly for prices and availability.

The completed interface fits neatly in a Hammond 1551H plastic enclosure. The heads from clear plastic thumb tacks make excellent lenses for the BlueSMiRF LEDs.

Download Schematic/Board Layout document

CTR-BlueLync: Icom Schematic

CTR-BlueLync: Icom Board Layout


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