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Revision History

August 7, 2010
Reworked Callsign Lookup to work with new QRZ.com policies

June 15, 2008
Added URL address resolution for to the
TCP/IP radio connection.

Dec. 28, 2007
Added support for the new BlueSMiRF modules using Roving Network Bluetooth radios.

Sept 25, 2007
Fixed QRZ lookup bug

May 21, 2007
General code cleanup, added 2400 baud.

Apr. 23, 2007
Fixed controls to work with large font settings in Windows. Added 57.6 kBaud.

Jan 29, 2007
Allow user to set basic screen size.

Jan. 14, 2007
Fixed DNS resolution in TCP/IP radio connections.

Jan. 13, 2007
Added call sign announcement to DX cluster spots, call lookup button, and enhanced filtering. Allows suffixes
to user IDs.

May 31, 2006
Resolved call sign lookup problem

Feb. 16, 2006
Fixed several bugs in the DX cluster parsing routine

Dec. 25, 2005
Slight modification to display button order to keep display in sync with CTR-PC.

Dec. 10, 2005
Initial release



CTR-PCRcvr: CTR-Rcvr for your PC
There's no need to run a huge, complicated, do-it-all radio control program if all you want to do is control your Icom PCR1000. CTR-PCRcvr gives you the same functionality as CTR-Rcvr on your PC, including control, scanning, logging, frequency lists, DX beacon scanning, bandscope, DX cluster, and callsign lookup capabilities. It supports direct serial, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, and Wi-Fi connections.

The basic display elements from CTR-Rcvr have been rearranged to better utilize the PC's screen size. Instead of a tabbed interface, the list, log, and DX cluster features are available in easy to use windows.

CTR-PCRcvr is offered free to registered users of CTR-Rcvr.

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