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Revision History

Nov. 3, 2008
Updated to allow 57.6k baud and added a watchdog timer

June 11, 2006
CTR-Server is now provided free to registered users of
CTR-Remote and CTR-Rcvr. Just enter your user name
and  registration key of either program when you start

This version correct a critical
bug in the exit routine. If you exit the program then answer "NO" to the "are your sure you want to exit" question, the program does not resume properly, instead, it partially closes but remains running in
the task list.

Provides CTR-Remote v2.03
and above the ability to
control the RTS output for remote PTT operation.

Adds the ability to leave the serial port active when in
listen mode so the PCR1000
will continue to play after the program goes off-line.



CTR-Server: Control your radio over TCP/IP

CTR-Server allows CTR programs to control your radio using your TCP/IP or Wi-Fi network. Since Microsoft ActiveSync provides TCP/IP connectivity automatically for all Pocket PC's, if you already control your radio with a PC program, you're ready to try CTR-Remote and CTR-Rcvr on your Pocket PC or CTR-PC across your network!

To use this feature, simply install CTR-Server on your PC. Once installed, run the program, set the Com Port parameters then set the Connection Status to Listen. Once in Listen mode you can minimize the CTR-Server on your PC.


On CTR-Remote or CTR-Rcvr, set the TCP/IP Host Address (under the Comm...Com Port/Host Adrs menu) to the Host Address displayed in CTR-Server. Set the TCP/IP Host Port (under the Comm...Baud/Host Port menu) to the Host IP Port displayed in CTR-Server then click the On-Line box in CTR-Remote (or CTR-Rcvr).

NOTE: You can set the Host IP Port number to any number above 1024 in case port 50000 is in use on your PC. They just have to match in both programs.






If the connection is successful, CTR-Server will automatically go to On-line mode and the On-line  checkbox in CTR-Remote or CTR-Rcvr will turn red.

Once on-line, the IP address of the remote PC/PPC connecting to the server will be displayed.

Beginning with CTR-Server v1.01.00, you have two new options:

1. Control RTS as PTT: This option allows you to control the RTS pin on the PC's Com Port using the Hardware PTT option in CTR-Remote v2.03.00 and above.

2. Com Port active in Listen Mode: This option keeps the PC's Com Port active while in Listen mode. This option is used with CTR-Rcvr when controlling the Icom PCR1000 receiver to keep the receiver active after you go off-line.


Icom PCR1000 Users

If you are planning to use CTR-Server with CTR-Rcvr and you Icom PCR1000 receiver, please note the following:

  • CTR-Server will not work with any other PCR1000 program. This is because PC based programs automatically ramp up the baud rate from 9600 to 38.4 kbaud when connecting. The command to ramp up will reset the radio's baud rate but not CTR-Server and your program will fail to connect.
  • Set the serial port on CTR-Server to 9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity, 2 stop bits
  • To keep your PCR1000 running after you disconnect CTR-Rcvr, check the Com Port active in Listen Mode checkbox. This will keep RTS active so the radio doesn't automatically turn off when you go off-line with CTR-Rcvr.


CTR-Server is provided free for registered users of any CTR control program.

To download it, visit our Download CTR-Server page.

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