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New for 2012

Well, I tried, I really did. I had big plans for an iPod/iPad/Android program to replace CTR-Remote and CTR-Rcvr, but it is not to be.

After many months of frustration, and several hundred dollars in licensing and app market fees, I've decided that a dedicated program like CTR-Remote is not the way to go.

I'm working on a new concept and will post updates here as my idea evolves. I'm pretty sure you're going to like it.

Stay tuned!

Lynn, KU7Q



Old stuff starts here...

WIZ110SR Wired Ethernet Interface

Learn how to create an inexpensive (~36 USD) wired Ethernet-to-Serial interface using the WIZ110SR from www.saelig.com. Now, any radio can be easily put on your home LAN or the Internet. Click here for details!

New BlueSMiRF modules

SparkFun as recently introduced two new BlueSMiRF Bluetooth modules based on new different Bluetooth radio chips. All CTR programs have been updated to support these new units. Click here for additional details.

Ultimate Portability

Tired of being tied to your shack waiting for the bands to open? Connect you Pocket PC to your radio using Wi-Fi, setup a two-way Wi-Fi audio connection and you're free to roam!

Now you can go from this...



        To this... real "arm-chair DXing"!



You can download full versions of CTR software to try their features. Unregistered programs contain the full feature set but have limited feature use. Demos are limited to 3 log and list entries, and five 5-minute sessions.

Yahoo Group

A Yahoo Group has been setup to support these products and to provide a discussion forum. Click here to visit this group. Membership is open to all interested parties.

Other Languages

Thanks to the efforts of Klaus, DL7AIR, and Jose, EA5KW, for supporting this project in German and Spanish with their own web sites.

German: www.hamelectronics.de

Spanish: http://ea5kw.esmiweb.com

Thanks to their efforts, user manuals are also available in German or Spanish. Click here to go to our User Manual page.

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