Download CTR-PCRcvr   

Download and Install Software

To install the software, download the latest full install package and open it in WinZip. Click Install and follow the directions. You can also unzip the files then run the SETUP.EXE.

Demo Restrictions

In order to use CTR-PCRcvr you must register CTR-Rcvr. You are free to use it without obtaining a license but it will have the following limitations:

  • You can only load or save 3 log and frequency list entries
  • Only 3 DX spots can be downloaded from the DX cluster each session
  • Radio connections are only active for 5 minutes each session
  • You are allowed only 5 demo sessions

.NET Framework

CTR-PC requires the Microsoft .NET Framework in order to run on your PC. Newer PC's have this already installed. If you get an error message when you start the program, download .NET framework from Microsoft. Click here to navigate to the download site.


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