Download CTR-Rcvr   

Download and Install Software

CTR-Rcvr is distributed as a self-installing CAB file. To install the software, follow these steps:

  1. Download the self-installing ARM CAB zip file to the right.
  2. Unzip the file and save the CAB file you need to a folder on your PC.
    -->>> Pocket PC 2002 devices use the ARM CAB file
    -->>> Pocket PC 2003/2005 (Windows Mobile 2003/2005) devices use the ARM4 CAB file
  3. Using My Computer on your PC, copy the CAB file from your PC to the \My Documents\ folder in your Pocket PC.
  4. Using File Explorer on your Pocket PC, locate the CAB file and click on it. This will execute the program and install CTR-Rcvr on your Pocket PC. Once the install is complete, the CAB file will be automatically deleted.

    NOTE: You will probably get a message indicating that the program won't display properly because it was designed for a previous version of Windows Mobile software. Ignore this warning, it is a Microsoft bug in 2003.
  5. The CAB file will create a new folder on the Pocket PC called \Program Files\CTR-Rcvr\ and will copy the program, drivers, and audio .WAV files into that folder. It will also add a CTR icon to your Programs menu.
  6. Once the program has been installed, use File Explorer on your Pocket PC to create a data folder in the \My Documents\ folder. This folder will be used to store your frequency list and log files.

Demo Restrictions

In order to use CTR-Rcvr you must register it. You are free to use it without obtaining a license but it will have the following limitations:

  • You can only load or save 3 log and frequency list entries
  • Only 3 DX spots can be downloaded from the DX cluster each session
  • Radio connections are only active for 5 minutes each session
  • You are allowed only 5 demo sessions

.NET Compact Framework

CTR-Remote requires the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework in order to run on your Pocket PC. Pocket PC 2003 devices typically have these drivers installed. To run the program on a Pocket PC 2002 device you'll need to download the drivers from Microsoft. Click here to navigate to the download site.


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