iCTRcvr: Icom PCR1000 Control on your iPod/iPhone/iPad

iCTRcvr brings Icom PCR-1000 control to your Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Eventually I hope to offer it for Android (including Nook and Kindle stores) if the demand is there (each store wants around $100 just to post programs, ouch!).

Because of the development and marketing costs, I'm charging $.99 for the app. I know that's not free, but it's not a lot either and you won't have to suffer through popup ads that others use or need to buy another program to enable a "free" app. Personally, my time is too valuable to wait through a commercial every time I want to do something.

For now, this is a simple app. It allows you to control the turning, squelch and volume on the PCR-1000. There are two VFOs per band, each with 5 memories. It doesn't provide the advanced features I offered in CTR-Rcvr yet. As time permits, I'll add additional features  and update your program through the App store.

NOTE: iCTRcvr requires an Ethernet-to-Serial interface to interface to your radio. Several are available including my free PC based interface, CTR-Server. Click here to see what I use.

iCTRcvr Setup

Before you can use iCTRcvr, you'll need to set it for the IP address and port of your Ethernet-to-Serial interface. To do this just click the Wifi icon next to the meter. Click here for more about Ethernet-to-Serial interfaces.

iCTRcvr Operation

Operating the program is simple. Everything on the display is a control (except the meter).

  • Connecting to the radio: Make sure your PCR1000 and your Ethernet-to-Serial interface are turned on first.

    The power switch at the bottom of the iCTRcvr display controls the program state and is a three-way switch.

    • Click the switch once. The "LED" will turn on and send the power up sequence to the radio.

    • Click the switch again. The "LED" will stay on but the switch returns to the "off" position. The program is now off-line but the radio will stay on.

    • Click the switch again. The "LED" turns off and the power down sequence is sent to the radio.

NOTE: You can click the exit button on your device at any time to return to the device menu. The program and the link will shut down and the radio will stay in the state it was in.

  • VFO Toggle: Click the VFO or Band label. There are two VFOs with 5 memory buttons each per band.

  • Band Change: Click the digital frequency display. Select the band from the list.

  • Frequency Change: There are several ways to control the frequency:

    • Slide your finger across the frequency dial. You can flick the dial left or right to speed dial.

    • Press on a frequency on the dial. The radio will move to that frequency.

    • Press one of the memory buttons (five for each VFO).

    • Spin the center knob. This is great for fine tuning.

    • Press and hold the center knob. A popup window will allow you to directly enter a frequency.

      Note: The dial will turn red if you tune outside the selected band. This is an indication only, any frequency can be set on any band.

  • Fine-Tuning: To enable fine tuning, press and hold the frequency dial. When fine-tuning is enabled, a magnifying glass will appear over the dial pointer and the tuning rate will decrease by a factor of 10. Press and hold the frequency dial again to return to normal tuning.

  • Setting Memory Buttons: To set a memory button, select the desired frequency the press and hold the memory button you want to set.

  • Mode Change: Click the Mode label under the meter.

  • Bandwidth Change: Click the Bandwidth label under the meter.

  • Squelch Change: Adjust the left-bottom knob.

  • Volume Change: Adjust the right-bottom knob.


Click here to download the latest user manual for CTR products.

Click here to view version update information on our CTR-Remote Yahoo group.





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