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While every effort has been made to provide trouble-free software and hardware we realize that we live in an in imperfect world. Most of the problems you may have with CTR products can be resolved by reading the following pages. If you have a problem that isn't list here, please contact us so we can resolve your problem and add it to these pages for future reference.

First, if all else fails, read the directions! Manuals can be downloaded here.

Click here for help on configuring your Pocket PC for Bluetooth operation, or here for PC Bluetooth configuration hints.

If you are having problems connecting to a CTR-BlueLync device, you problem may be caused by another program. Help on hardware issues can be found here.

Software issues are sometimes difficult to resolve. Check this page for helpful hints. If you have a helpful hint you'd like to share or suggestions for product improvements, contact us. We'll post your hints here and do our best to integrate your suggestions into future product releases.

You can find a list of supported radios here. We're always on the lookout for new radio protocols. If your radio isn't listed please send us a copy of its control protocol and we'll see what we can do.

Finally, if you have built frequency lists that you'd like to share with others, send them to us and we'll post them on the User Files page.


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